TOKYO SPRING 2017: Part 8 – Shinkyo Bridge + Toshugu

My first snow experience happened when I was in Nikko 2 months ago. I wasnt prepared for the snow experience as the plan was to escape from rainy Tokyo. Little did I expect the condition was snow!?!

From Tokyo to Nikko, it takes about 2 hours train ride from Asakusa. The ticketing counter can be found at Asakusa station level 1, Tobu railway. Get the day trip package and board the train according to the timetable. I am on a short trip so I did not get the all access pass which goes to the waterfall station.

My first stop was Shinkyo Bridge.


Shinkyo bridge can be found at the entrance to the shrines and temples in Nikko. Constructed in 1636.

Look at the snow covered trees on the mountain. Almost cant feel my hands after 3 hours.


After that, I walked to Nikko’s most popular shrine. Toshugu shrine. It is that famous that it was also featured in Minna no nihongo text book. It was built in the 17th century.

Over here, the guide was explaining to the tourists on what each figures of monkeys mean.


This is the main shrine. The design of each building was exquisitely made. Its unbelievable fine.


Every tourist who visit this shrine will get to see this sleeping cat. This sleeping cat was the work of hidarijin Gorou. He was a famous carver when he was young but his right hand was being severed by a jealous friend. However, he did not give in and continued to try making works with his left hand. Thus his name became Hidarijin Gorou.

It was also believed that his work, the sleeping cat, prevented any mice from visiting the shrine.


I love this place despite the pricey entrance. I will definitely visit Nikko again in the future, not during winter period of course and anytime that has snow.

This is my last part of Tokyo Spring 2017, I hope you enjoyed all the posts that I have covered. If there is any feedback do leave a comment. Thank you~~


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