TOKYO SPRING 2017: Part 7 – Shinjuku Park

Visiting Japan has become like a home coming. The sights and the sounds are always filled with warmth and comfort. There could be no better place to be other than Singapore. I mean I have heard of many feedback that life in Japan was not as easy as you think it would be. Being a tourist is one thing, because you are there to spend the money. Thus you are being treated as a King. However, when you are there for a living, its a total opposite of what you like. For example, house rent, living expenses, daily expenses and the worst would be insurance.

Despite all that, I still believe Japan is like a 2nd home to me. Impatiently I am hoping that my current work can come to an end so that I could finally go on another trip.

So here I am looking back at what happened previously. I want to take you on a walk to Shinjuku Park.


Shinjuku park is accessible by metro or by foot if you are staying around Shinjuku.

During spring season, do expect to see crowd right outside the park because an entrance fee is required. Do not worry as the crowd clears up real quick.

Entering the park, I was greeted by a few trees that have reached it peak of blossom.


It was a really happy moment for me as this was the first time seeing so many happy faces and friends gathering together and spend time together. I was lucky too to get a picture of a smiling kid.




If you love spring and happen to be in Shinjuku, do not give this place a miss because you will be surprised by what you would see.

I hope you like what I have posted today.

In my next post, it will be my last post on my last trip to Japan. Stay tune. 😀


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