TOKYO SPRING 2017: Part 5 – Ueno Park

They say when in Spring and you are in Tokyo, there are a few popular places to go. Shinjuku Koen, Sumida Koen, Chidorigafuchi and Ueno Koen. My next stop would be Ueno Koen.


Despite a cold morning, I had a warm welcome while strolling into the park. The crowd was massive probably because of Sunday and also the first weekend Cherry blossom viewing. As you can see from the picture above, I was also greeted by those lovely flowers. 😀



Ueno Park features more than 1000 trees along the street that led to the National Museum and Shinobazu Pond. The trend of cherry blossom in Ueno Park tends to be about 1 – 3 days earlier than other viewing spots.


As stated in the name, Ueno, this park is situated at Ueno station. A short 5-10 minutes walk from the station will bring you to the one of the largest park in Central Tokyo.

The following was taken from Kiyomizu Kannon Temple.


I was really fascinated by these flowers. Lol





Ueno Park itself can take up to half a day to explore everything. Many sites such as the museums, temples, shrines and also zoo are all located around the park. If i am not wrong, there are boat rides around shinobazu pond too.

I had to squeeze a few more spots into this sunny day therefore I did not visit any of the sites around Ueno Park. Mainly because I have missed out most of the spots in Tokyo due to the unexpected rain over the past few days.



It was really a massive crowd at each corner. I had no chance to take a clear view of the trees without anyone in it.

My camera battery died on me after this. Of all days, it chose to die on a sunny day!! I had to make my way back to the hotel and charge it up for 2 hours before I head to the next place.

Even so, nothing was a miss. I visited Isetan Shinjuku. This was one of the famous shopping places in Tokyo. I believe it is because of the variety of bento and snacks that they sell that made them so famous. Crowd was expected on a Sunday morning.

I bought my lunch after walking around for more than 5 times trying to find the stall that I bought Yakitori a few years back. Unfortunately, the stall was not there anymore. This was what I settled for but the rice was rather cold.


By the time I reached my hotel, the domestic helper was cleaning my room. I was at this decision point on whether to use Japanese or English because she was not Japanese. Before I say a word, she asked if I was a Japanese, then after we exchange a few more lines to end the conversation.

I sat in the room watching TV for 2 hours on a sunny Sunday morning in Tokyo. WOW! Imagine that.



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