TOKYO SPRING 2017: Part 4 – Sensoji + Sumida Park

In my first ever trip to Tokyo, the first stop after reaching Narita airport was not the hotel but Sensoji. In my second trip back in Tokyo, I decided to pay another visit to Sensoji because I really like how the beautiful the temple is.


I really like the giant lantern at the entrance of the temple. It looks really unique as compared to other temples I have been in Japan.


Sensoji located at Asakusa is the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. Completed in year 645. Legend stated that in year 628, 2 brothers fished out a status of Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) around sumida river and put it back into the river. However, the status kept coming back to them. Thus Sensoji was built around Sumida for the Goddess.

If you are early, you might miss out the Nakamise (for direct translation, Inside shop. The actual meaning, shopping street). This shopping street has more than 20 shops that sell different souvenirs and also snacks. I was there real early my first time was really crowded.


Most of the shops were not open yet. However I still like this place. Its less crowded and I could take my time to stroll around the area.


As usual, in every temple, you will see this station where you can have your fortune told by paying 100 yen.



This is the main hall where devotees will pray. It was reconstructed after it got destroyed during the war.

There are different events held at Sensoji. The biggest will be Sanja Matsuri which is held on the 3rd week of May. This event is held to enshrine the founders of this temple. I have not been to any of those events. I shall leave the description to my next trip to Sensoji. ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, I was here for the cherry blossom too~~



There was only one tree with full blooming, so I was lucky enough to take a close up shot on that morning. Can you imagine with the massive crowd at Sensoji, I would not even have a chance to walk up to it. Lol


I have been to Asakusa for 2 times, but I have never noticed that they have a really nice train station building.

Taking a stroll pass this building, I saw a sushi stall that looks good. Unfortunately due to budget constraint, I have to skip it.

Walking further down towards Sumida park to get a view of Asahi beer towerand also the Skytree tower. This is the headquarter for Asahi beer.



More cherry blossom sightings!



Strolling in Sumida park during spring is really cooling and relaxing. There were also food and drink stalls set up. I wanted to try the yakisoba by one of the stall. I was worried that because its a roadside stall, the hygiene level would be lower than those in the restaurant, so I did not get a chance to eat or drink anything.


There were groups of Japanese around there chatting and enjoying the view even later into the night.



This is Sumida area of Asakusa.

Are you appealed to visit Tokyo soon?

Give me your thoughts ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you






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