TOKYO SPRING 2017: Part3 – Yasukuni Shrine


Yasukuni Shrine is situated in central Tokyo that commemorates Japan’s war dead. It was founded in 1869 with the purpose of remembering those who have sacrificed themselves during the war and also to bring out a peaceful Japan.

About 2.5million people were being enshrined here. Those from Meiji Restoration, Satsuma rebellion, sino-japanese war, Russo-Japanese war, WW1, Manchurian incident and the pacific war.





In Japan, temples or shrines usually have a fortune corner. By paying about 200 yen, your fortune would be decided by a stick that would lead you to a fortune reading. Those bad ones were usually tied up as shown in the picture above. This is to break the bad luck.


My purpose here was to view cherry blossom. Unfortunately because of the rain, most of the things that can be done here were cancelled. There were stalls but it would be a torture to eat under the rain carrying an umbrella. Still during this visit, there were a number of cherry blossom to view. *Happy*

There was suppose to have an outdoor concert. I did not chose to stay as it was getting really cold.


Til next time~~~

I am getting bad at writing a post, its like lesser words after each post. I will try to find some inspiration to write my next post!


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