TOKYO SPRING 2017: Part2 – Chidorigafuchi

After I took a train back from Kawaguchiko and paying the extra 1000yen so as to visit another site, Tokyo random walk was my next stop.

The rainy day back up plan was to go to Chidorigafuchi and Yasukuni Shrine after visiting Kamakura in the afternoon. Since I went to Kawaguchiko in the morning and got back to Tokyo in the afternoon, the plan was still possible.

Here we go, Chidorigafuchi. This area was selected one of the top few best cherry blossom viewing site. Say no more.



Hello to all these beautiful flowers!! 😀


Went exploring around the area. I guess there was a live concert or something as groups were walking into the building. They were carrying the same logo and towel. Some even have t shirts printed with those names. I can’t recall what it was but it seems massive.


This was the spot to view cherry blossom. I was still trying out with my camera therefore, images taken might not seem too interesting. It was really gorgeous when I was there to see it in person.



Next stop, Yasukuni shrine 😀


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