My randomness life

I wrote this on Facebook. As well just post it here too. lol


So i walked around cbd area after visiting my friend’s shop. I wanted to have a good chat with him, but he wasnt feeling well and also there were many customers.
So as usual, after that taking the random walk. At first i was suppose to find a cab home, then i found myself walking aimlessly. Then the sky starts to drizzle and there were many groups gathering at nearby pubs. Couples rushing to another destination. Site workers discussing what to do tomorrow.
It was a string of events and they have a purpose and a place where they can recharge themselves or people to interact with.
At that moment, i was just thinking why cant i get a damn cab. Do i have to walk all the way to psa port to find myself a dead end and u turn back to where i begin?
Then i realized this is life. Life has many ups and downs. Different people experience different % at different time. Some may even be lucky enough to enjoy all the good stuffs. Some may be less fortunate and always get short change.
Actually i wasnt thinking so much. I was thinking of something else. I made a friend angry in the afternoon at work. A close friend. (As if i have a lot of friends) But still, a close friend. In my thoughts were frustrations and disappointment. That guy had done so much pain to my work life and i mildly slammed my file on the desk after he interrupted our discussion. I admit i should not have done that but still… After those strange thoughts i finally got on a cab and got home.

I finally got the courage to apologize as I have no idea what was she doing at that moment. I have done too much to make her angry today and its even worst if my text became an annoying one. Tomorrow was suppose to have a lunch appointment with another friend but i guess its being called off silently.

Just wonder what personality will i face when i get back to work on Monday. If its something bad, I would rather be at home facing another issue. My life has many issues right? But i believe u guys have it too, just doesnt share it on facebook like i always do.
Probably i should really go see a doctor to sort this out. I am really beyond my tolerance level.


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