TOKYO SPRING 2017: Shinjuku + Tokyo Tower

After being a part time traveler for awhile, I guess I have found a place that I truly love to be in. It would be Japan.
In the past weekend, I visited Japan again. I was eager and excited as Japan has so much to offer, so much to see. In this trip I chose to visit the Kanto region, Tokyo.

Unlike others, I prefer to do region visits at a time. I mean I do not like to travel from Tokyo to Osaka, vice versa. I would rather enjoy every seconds in a region that it could offer than wasting my time on the train traveling to another region. It also kind of sum up my reluctance of staying away from home and work for an extended period. (Longest was 7 days away)

My main mission for this trip was to
1. See Mount Fuji
2. Enjoy Cherry blossom
3. Get the toy that my friend requested when I was in Osaka
4. Food (I guess)
5. Photography

Now, let’s go Japan~

My first day in Tokyo was a short itinerary as arrival in Narita was late afternoon. When I was done with the customs and getting the SIM card ready, it was almost dinner time. I opt to have dinner in Shinjuku, so I took a skyliner from Narita airport to Nippori and transit into JR Yamanote line bound for Shinjuku.

By the time I am done with checking in to the hotel, its almost 8pm. Rushed off to my first destination, Menya-Syo. This ramen shop was recommended by tabelog as a top 5000 ramen shop in Tokyo. Actually, it was closed to my hotel and I am not into queuing for real popular ramen.

I ordered a shio (salt) based ramen as it was the first thing I saw. I like the color of the soup. Its clear (As expected). The egg was soft but with overflowing egg yolk. The ramen was crunchy. The only pity was the portion was small for me.


Their popular ramen was shoyu (soya sauce) ramen. If you are interested do go for it and let me know your thoughts.

After that, I head down to Tokyo tower. Tokyo tower from Shinjuku is about 20-30minutes train ride + walking. The plan was to take a number of photos and head up to the tower to have a glimpse of Tokyo night view. I was kinda late after spending time at another location trying to take a good shot of the tower. The last entry to the tower was 1030pm. I was there at 1025pm. I decided not to spend the 900yen for a short 30 minutes of enjoyment.

Tokyo tower (little brother of Eiffel tower) stands 333 meters tall. It is the world’s tallest, self supported steal tower. This tower was a symbol for Japan’s rebirth of economic power after world war.
In my last visit to the tower, they have a cafe and also a live band. It was kinda cool to listen to music, drinking wine and have a nice view.


Trying out different white balance


Different angles of the tower at the bottom of the tower



After taking photos of the tower, I did not head back to hotel to rest. It was a cooling night at Tokyo and my first night back to my favorite city, I decided to spend a longer night with her.

I left the tower at around 11 and back to Shinjuku. Went on to look for more food to eat actually. lol. In Shinjuku, there are a number of restaurants that open 24hours. But I had a hard time deciding on what to eat next. I had a gyoza restaurant that I wanted to try out and it was located at Kabukicho. If you do research on Kabukicho, it is a red light district in Shinjuku. The moment I crossed that line, a number of “touters” came to me to ask if I was interested in those grey area stuff. After spending some time telling them that I was looking for this a place to eat, I had to drop the idea of visiting that restaurant and move on to the next one.

I almost went into a Mcdonald’s but I saw this ramen shop that offers similar pricing. So, I ordered another bowl of ramen. This time, its shoyu ramen I guess.


The ramen was normal as I requested for a normal texture. You have options to choose from hard to soft ramen. The soup was what I like, thick brew with shoyu taste. But the meat was tough unfortunately, reminding me of the Tsuta taste. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

After that, I got 2 cans of beer and end my night in the hotel.

Its a really short trip and I will be posting my experiences in the next few days if not weeks. Stay tune~ ๐Ÿ™‚


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