Random aspirations

Before i retire, i really hope to do the following few things

1. Work at Starbucks as a Barista (if it happens to be in my 60s, i would like to share my different work experiences and stories to the future generation who work there)

2. I want to work with a group of true friends to solve a problem, be it a society problem or create a new solution that gives advantage to the future generations

3. Open a shop that sells music. (I wanted to open a cinema as I really love going to the cinema and it always reminds me of Dad but its gonna cost a bomb so i dont mind settle for something simpler)

4. Have a wife that I can talk to (for a 60 year old man and someone who doesnt talk much to many, this is kind of like a dying hope? I mean by 60 years old how many will still keep in contact with or still be alive? Lol)

5. If 4) fails, i hope to abort a dog from SPCA

6. This gonna be crazy but i dont wish to see myself living beyond 60. It was 24 at first so i kind of give life a chance so ya.. Hooray Cie la Vi

7. i wont pursue any medical help should i fall sick due to any CI

8. I want to strike Toto/4D for once. Like seriously 100% donated to the organization. Lol…

Ps: Just thinking about life on this really quiet night (er actually all nights are quiet) while trying to figure out a way to sleep after a really hardworking week.


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