After google for more than 2 weeks on the best spot to go on a last full day in Japan, I decide to go to Kobe. There were a few nominees, for example, Himeji, another day in Nara, Shinkansen to Tokyo. I close Kobe because it is close to Osaka and it reminded me of my favorite player. I also wanted to try out the Onsen for the first time.

So lets go Kobe~

Kobe is famous for its beef but I am banned from taking beef, so … I will try my best to make this post interesting πŸ˜€

First stop to Kobe rokko cable car. To take this cable car, you would need to take a bus from Rokko station.



Taking the cable car, you can go up to Mount Rokko.

On the way…. Still lucky to get a view at this late into Autumn.


It took about 10 minutes to go up to the mountain.

There the million dollar view. Its in the morning, so it was not as good as it might be at night.


City of Kobe can be viewed from here.


I wanted to go to the Onsen shortly after, so I took the cable car down.






I was lost in the streets as no matter how I reroute google map, it could not land me at Arima Onsen.

In the end, I figured it out.

I had to take a bus from Mount Rokko. OMG~~~~~~~ LOL


I decided to change my plan and went for an early lunch around the station.

Came across a Torii gate.


It was really cold. I am guessing it to be around 10degree C. I had trouble finding a good dining place. Mostly were udon and serve beef. I wanted to try out a ramen shop but I lost my way and walked into Pomme’s. Pretty cool restaurant and I ordered an omelette rice


After that, continue to roam around and google up what can be done at Kobe.


Ended up at Akashi Kaiyo Bridge.


I made an Instagram post that this was a cheaper version of the golden gate if you can’t afford to go to San Francisco. I will definitely be going to SF someday but not so soon.

It was really peaceful there as tourism were not popular here. Locals were there fishing and you could also see Seagull hovering. Not sure if I saw a Sea Eagle but it did look like one.

Did not stay for long at that area. I even went up to the observation deck but it was really not worth the price. There were nothing to look at.

So I head back to the station where I met a boy at the age of 13 i guess. He came up to me and started asking a lot of questions in Japanese. Being a quick tempered guy, I tried to be nice and polite by answering his questions. Each questions led to something that I could not understand so I told him that I dont understand. He persisted and continue asking. Finally I decided to just ignore him and he walked away. It was a different experience but a good practice for my Japanese. Who would have thought I got a chance to speak with a local? Lol.


Taking a long ride down to Kobe port tower. This would be my last stop for the whole trip and I stayed on for the sunset.





I did some last minute shopping as my friend texted me to should I happen to see something that she wanted.

Nothing but I came across this shop. Got her a sleep talk Totoro for her birthday last year, but did not manage to give it to her. Its still growing dust on my table. Lol. Anyone wants it?


This wraps up my trip to Kansai in November 2016. I want to share my thanks to everyone who has been following my posts and like them if possible.

I will try to stay connected at this site since its Travel with me, I would need to be traveling in order to post something up. I will try to look up something interesting to post and lesser emotional posts. (I hope)

Lets not wait for too long. I will be traveling to Japan again in a few more weeks πŸ˜€

You will be the first to see my posts when I am back from it. Stay tune!


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