Have you read my previous post on Nara? So have you decided to go Nara? You should if you are still wondering about it.

Ok, I will continue from my last post on Nara. Since its a short trip, this will be the last one on Nara.

After spending time around Nara area, I traveled to Sakurai area which is part of Nara prefecture. About 1.5hour from Nara by train, you will reach my next destination, Hase Dera (Nara).

I was amazed by the view while the train slowly moved out of the urban area into a place that is really quiet and not many visitor.


You have arrived at Hase dera station.

This was the view the moment I stepped out of the train. Believe me, its even better when you see it with your own eyes.


Train frequency is between 15-30mins depending on the hours. It is really quiet!



At Hase dera station, it was really chilling. If I did not remember it wrongly, the temperature went down to 8 degree C. I had a jacket only to brave through the cold. xD

Beside me, there was this old man walking in front of me. I think he was there to visit someone. He mumbled something that I could not make out. I just hurriedly walk past him as I wanted to catch the visiting hours of the temple. It was already 3pm when I was at the station. so…..



The sun is getting ready to set with dark clouds moving in. I was in time to reach the temple for this view. I really love this view.


The temple was under construction but it is still available for visiting. After paying the entrance fee, I was greeted with a fleet of steps and lanterns.


I was lucky too as I got onto a buddhist channel programme. The crew was interviewing one of the monk and I was signaled to walk through. Tadaaa… My first appearance on Japanese programme.


What I like about this temple is the peace and tranquility. Especially when there is not many people there to take out their cameras to take photos.

The nature here is unbeatable.







Again, I was lucky to get a shot of a guy praying to the Buddha.




Being the last temple or shrine visit for this Kansai region tour, I had many thoughts and probably enlightenment. I have been thinking hard on whether my life has been full of obstacles or full of surprises. Not long ago I got retrenched, got into a company met a few new people, got a few new friends. But it might have turn out that to them I am just a colleague. I even had days that I am so listless because of her actions that suck my happiness out. There were times I wished we could talk and I even had conversation preparation ready to talk about it, but it always got killed. Over that few months, I went back into a dark hole where I just cant find the means to live.

After this trip, I decided that living in another person’s shoe is tougher than living in your own shoe. I may have tried to make you happy but if its at the expense of my happiness, it would not make me really happy even seeing you smile.

I would choose and decide on what is right and wrong. Probably do lesser of what I used to do. Still show some concern when needed but dont go beyond as it leads to nothing. You have many friends and when friends need your help, you would always be there. I dont know if you see me as a friend but I see you as my friend. So if you want to keep a distance from me so that others would not misunderstand, go ahead. If you prefer to talk to someone while I am around, go ahead. If ignoring me is a good way, go ahead. I just want to say I am really tired. I give up.


Not sure if those paragraphs have any link but its a form of my thoughts.

As I slowly walked out from the temple back to the train station preparing for my last day in Japan.


This post may have gotten a little emo but it just some thoughts that I wanted to convey but I have no one to really talk about it.

See ya in my next posts!


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