First Sightわたしの気持ち~(・・?))

Do you believe in love at first sight?

It happened to me last year, sometimes after christmas. I was at this mall looking for a decent place for lunch. I was actually looking for the gyoza taste that I had in Osaka here in Singapore before I came across this shop.

The shop is small. The concept is like a typical dining restaurant in Japan. A few tables and seats. They have this really large menu that I really like because at first glance you would know what to eat. The things they serve are really Japanese style and any one in Singapore can accept it. I wanted to try something special, so I decided to get a diced cube chicken omelette rice. This was where I met her.

She did not say anything to welcome me. So I tried to say out my order which was karrage omelette rice. Stumped by her cuteness, my words fumbled out of my mouth and I stuttered too. In the end I pointed at the picture menu at the counter while she wrote it down on the paper.

After that I was asked if I wanted to get the salad bar that cost $2, which i rejected the offer. The salad bar has quite a number of things from the salad to cake where you can get free flow after paying. Water, tea and even coffee are free flow. They had soup too. OMG!!! Lol.. Its like a haven of good things.

I guessed she was a Japanese since the way she spoke English was very similar to my Japanese teacher and those sales person I met in Japan. Another thing was the way on how she passed the change to me. It was very similar to how those in Japan did. One last thing, the way she called out the word number. Today I am 99% sure she was a Japanese because her colleague talked to her in Japanese and she answered.

So from that day onwards, I went there once per week unless I am busy at work. Its my 5th time today. Lol. I want to understand her more and more and this is the only way. I do not know her name. And I am hoping that I can finally get to know her someday.

Do you think I stand a chance? Like whats the odds that I can get to talk to her besides me ordering stuffs? I cant just stop her at work and asked her name and number. I do not want to disrupt her work. I cannot wait until her work end, it would feel like I am stalking her.

What do you think?

I have no confident with my look. I look horrible in the mirror. How can I convince her that I am not a creep?

This could be my last shot on falling in love. I want to make this first sight fairy tale come true…

Please pray for me.


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