Random Emo.

I am stuck at a random neighbourhood awaiting for my time to go home. It has been a really wonderful day for me today. I cannot really describe the thrill well but I will try my best.

It was not as bad as I suppose it to be. But to my point of view it was. I asked a friend if she was coming to work today as she was  not feeling well yesterday. In fact she was unwell since Monday and I did show some concern on Monday but I got no reply. I guessed that would happen as it has been like that for awhile. I would never get any reply from her after office hour. But I see her as a friend to me. My definition of friend is simple, I just want you to be ok and every goes smoothly for you. I guess I asked too much of her?

So as usual, I tried to ask if she was ok in another way by asking if she was coming in today. Probably it was a stupid question. I got ignored. There were no possibility that she has not seen it as there was a group chat and she answered it. She even used her singing app and sent invitation for over 5 times. LOL.

The ultimate ignorance. And i cant do anything. I cant pissed her off as I need to have a friend. In fact I really dont know if I am a friend to her. Everyday now if there was a chance, we could go home together (since we stayed close to each other), she would be on the phone chatting with this random person while I am beside. I wonder  if you understand the awkwardness I had everyday. Its like its so obvious that you are being treated as a spare tire but you have no other options but to keep quiet and smile when she laugh.

Well enough said. I had a long day at work too. No one was there to help me with my work. I had to finish everything before meeting by myself. After that, I had to find time to make the minutes look better for the bosses and get more data for my work. Its like I am living in my own world even though there are people around. In fact there was not anything important at work but I just simply did not get any help from anyone to complete my tasks.

By the time I have completed my work, its almost 730. Got to the bus stop and the bus just left without me. I had to wait for another 17 minutes for the bus.

By the time I reached home, I realized that it was the time that I could not go home. I had to make time for that guy to do whatever shit he has to do before I can enter.

So here I am writing this emo post. Lol.

sorry if there were too much to complain. My life is a dreadful story.


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