KYOTO NOV 2016: Ryozen Kannon temple + Shinnyodo Temple

By following this map, you can visit areas around Kiyomizu dera easily.


I decided to visit Ryozen Kannon temple. From a distance, I could see the Buddha statue!


At the ticket counter, the person started to speak Japanese to me. In order to play along, I tried to listen to what she had to say. In fact, I did understand what she said but I guess I blew my cover by telling her it was my first time. She switched to English after taking out an English brochure.

The temple was very quiet.


I took the incense stick and placed it at the incense holder. This was very similar to what Chinese Buddhist did, the only difference is Japanese uses one thick incense stick.

I did not went through the hall as I just want to come and see the Buddha statue.

Head out to the next location which was reviewed to have good autumn view. I guess I was late again 😦



This is Shinnyodo Temple. Established in 984. I did not pay to visit the inner hall. Just walk around the area to take random pictures.

Got some chance to take a selfie again 😛


It was not that bad consider I was slightly late for the peak.


While I was at the entrance, I was mesmerized by this tree along with the entrance.


See ya in the next post!

Kind of short post with very few information. Hope you guys would like this post. Do comment on what you feel that can improve on this post.

Thank you.



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