Kiyomizu dera is one of the most famous temple in Japan. Founded in 780 on the site of Otawa waterfall in the wooded hills east of Kyoto. The name Kiyomizu dera came from the fall of the pure waters.

The temple is best known for its wooden stage that juts out from its main hall. This stage has a good view of cherry blossom and maple trees.

I was late for the peak bloom, but the view was pretty good still.




The main hall was built without the use of nails and houses the temple primary’s worship objects, a small status of the 11 faced and thousand armed kannon.



Took a selfie at this crowded temple XD


The Otowa waterfall is another famous spot in this temple. The water is divided into 3 different streams, longevity, success at school/work and love life. Visitors can use the cups attached with long poles to drink from them after filling the water. However, do note that if you drink from all 3 streams, you will be rated as greedy and you wish may not come true.

I took a random stream and drink a mouthful of water. Hopefully something nice happens. 🙂


Taking a stroll out of the temple was also enjoyable because of the autumn trees.



The beautiful pagoda from a distance



I had my lunch at a shophouse close to the temple. It was really busy that day. Lots of tourist and locals visited the temple. The shop houses were also very crowded. I managed to find a place to warm myself and had soba for lunch.

At this point, already given up my patience of practicing Japanese. Lol.

The people there were nice. Greet everyone and even went to one of the locals and talk to them.


This is how I spend my time at Kiyomizu dera. Give it a like or comment 😀 Thank you.

Important Note: Kiyomizu dera will be undergoing renovation from January 2017 onwards on several buildings especially the main hall. The works will likely dragged through 2020. If you do not want to feel disappointed by the renovation, do consider whether to visit it during this period.


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