Saving the best for the last. My first stop for the morning was to Fushimi Inari.Fushimi inari is an important piece of place for Kyoto because of its Shinto Shrine. On a good weather day, it is a good place to hike up Mount Inari and with the view of the thousand Torii gates.

Taking the early train but was welcomed by the massive crowd from all over the world!


I took the route that is “less” crowded and went on a shopping spree. I bought a small fox doll keychain and a few snacks from an old couple. I was in luck actually. The things they sold was cheaper than the other shophouses and they were the first shop on the street.


This will be the main and crowded entrance. If you walked from that direction, you might notice a few nice shop houses where you can get breakfast before a long hike up.



Fushimi Inari is famous for its 1000 torii gates which line up neatly behind the main building. Foxes were believed to be Inari’s messengers that is why so many different fox status were built.




Mount Inari is a sacred mountain which stands 233 metres. Be prepared to walk alot and watch out for the steps if you plan to do a hike up the mountain.




Finally Torii gates~


These torii gates were donated by Japanese company or people who wants to make a donation. The size of the torii gate will determine the price to pay. Price starts from 400,000 yen for the smallest to over a million yen for the biggest.

I did not manage to take a picture of the entrance as it was overly crowded even on a day that I dont expect crowd. lol



I wanted to take a photo of me standing in between the gates but the crowd just keep coming. This is the tough part of doing a solo as you need to organize your camera and use a timer etc if you want to take a selfie that is so far away.

The 2 above was after waiting for so long that I could take a clean shot.

Probably studying in Japan as a kid is cool too. I saw a group of kids brought here for a tour by their teacher 😀


The plan was to spend about 2 hours here to take pictures and get a good view from the mountain but it was cloudy when I was at the half way point (Yotsutsuji intersection) so I gave up and went to the next destination.

At the half way point, there were benches for you to sit and get to view the city of Kyoto. There are also shop houses selling hot food in case you want to warm yourself up.

I got this yakitori for 500 yen after leaving Fushimi Inari. The sales person was friendly and even asked where I was from even though he was struggling with his English. But after finishing it, I have no idea where to throw the stick and Styrofoam box. Following the Japanese way of bringing rubbish back home. XD

So this is it. One of the most famous location in Kyoto, Fushimi inari.


See ya in next post~


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