They say if u are in Osaka and you did not visit Dotonbori, you have not been to Osaka.

Guess what?

I have been there almost every night except for one night which I ended up eating Mcdonald’s as I thought the restaurant that I wanted to go to was at my hotel area.

What made Dotonbori so popular?

Its this man. This forever running man. Not the Korean show. This is the icon for Osaka.


As long as you know the existence of Japan, they would definitely ask if you have took a picture of this. Its like Fish burger with that cheese in it. It just goes well together. Lol.

Really popular spot for group photos XD


Really interesting shop with giant signboards. Giant crab and sushi! They also have a giant puffer fish. There is also a famous status in one of the shops but I dont know the name of it.


Dontonbori is linked to Shinsaibashi. Shinsaibashi, if I am not wrong, is another shopping district. In this trip, this area will not be covered.


What did I actually tried out for all of my dinner?

I had Ramen, Gyoza, Yaki soba, dotonbori and a few more.




The one that I liked most was actually the yaki soba. I again tried to act like I know Japanese and took the Japanese Menu. Pointed to a random dish which turned out to be a pork yaki soba. There was a couple (from Singapore i guess) who was sitting just next to me, was amazed by what I ordered. Stunned but I just ignored it. After a while sitting next to me was a family from Singapore too. Their boy was really annoying.

The most expensive meal that I spent was on dotonbori. 1500 yen but I got to try 9 different types of fried food. Its shown right above the last paragraph. I could not taste the main difference since everything was fried and dipped with sauce. It just taste sweet. The only difference was the sausage because I can tell the difference. At this shophouse, the staff will point to you what you have ordered using the English menu, so if you understand Japanese, it will really do them a great deal as they would not be troubled on what each meant in English.

My friend suggested me to go to one of the “famous” restaurant, Ikkaku, that sells real juicy chicken. Its closer to Shinsaibashi if you are interested.

I did not really read the instructions on how to eat. I ordered a plate of chicken and japanese style rice roll.

My first bite to the chicken. Its really tough to chew. Actually I had a hard time eating since the meat were all attached to the bone. I wanted to ask why was it so tough to cut it out but due to communication issues….

The chicken was no doubt juicy but oily too. For 1000 yen, I was not really satisfied by what the reviewer had recommended.

This meal goes well with beer but I was on budget. Lol.


It gets really crowded over the weekend but I really love this food district.


So long ~ Dotonbori


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