Took me a while to draft out on how to write this post.

海遊館 (read as Kai yu kan in Japanese) is not really the biggest or the finest aquarium in Japan. There are many more interesting aquarium like the one in Okinawa where it is considered as one of the most popular ones there.

So why do I want to visit this place?


I like animals. When I was a kid, I always look forward to going to the zoo. I even had this animal shirt that I loved. There was once that I decided to wear it as a hint to my parents that I wanted to go to the zoo. It was a rainy day and mom was like “dear, its raining, all the animals would be hiding, they would not be out to see you.”. As a little kid, I would throw tantrum but I forgot what happened next. That was a memory that I have yet to forget.

I made this pact with myself, whenever I do a solo trip or go visit somewhere, I will make a stop at the zoo or anything that has animals in it.

So here we go Kaiyukan.


The face of Kaiyukan is none other than the Whale shark. Actually, you do get to see the whale shark in Okinawa’s aquarium as well. Probably the size is smaller in Osaka. I am not sure about it but it does look magnificent.


The exhibit are arranged in a way where you will go from top to bottom. Its like a tube where you can see them swimming around like the whale shark. If you have been to the underwater world in Singapore, they also have this section that is very similar to what UWS had. There is this moving platform and the aquarium will be above us with sea animals swimming above us.

There are also many other sea animals available in this aquarium. For example, the jellyfish, the penguins, seals, sea lions and many more.



You will also get to see the Japanese spider crab. They are really huge and if you are a seafood goers, I bet you would not mind diving in to catch one.


I was at this sea lion exhibit and the sea lion was attracted to one of the visitor’s scarf. So the sea lion was following the scarf as she waved from one end to the other end. It was kind of like an extra performance for the audience since performance ends at around 4pm.

Outside the aquarium would be a mall and followed by a ferris wheel. This ferris wheel is programmed to light up different images. I was treated with a swimming Nemo. 😀 (If you can make it out from the image) I tried my best to take a picture of it. ><


If you have the time and want to visit the Pokemon center in Osaka, you can take a train from Osakako station and change line to head down to Umeda.

It is inside a department store at level 14 (if I did not remember wrongly).

I must say there is nothing worth to look at. This PC is much smaller than the one in Tokyo and they have very few products that you will be interested in purchasing.


Pika pika, see you~ 😀


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