Osaka Nov 2016 – Shitennoji

Roaming around aimlessly is kind of cute. Its like you actually have a plan but the time to the next location is still early. The only thing left to do is to roam and get lost on purpose. This is the fun part of doing a solo trip #ForeverAlone.

You can take a break, go to the next destination at the wee hours or just ignore the plans and do what you feel like doing or just sleep in the hotel for one day. The only drawback is no one to talk to.

EMO aside, the next location was planned but I forgot that I have it planned.

Here we go: Shitennoji


After having lunch at Shinsekai, I was so looking forward to checking in to the hotel and I forgot about this place.After reviewing my itinerary and looking at the map outside Shinsekai, I made my way down to Shitennoji.

Along the way, I past by a primary school probably grade 1 or 2? Kids were running around the basketball court. This was my first “school” encounter in Japan. My previous trip to Tokyo, I did not get to see any kids in their school.

By the time I reached Shitennoji, I was stumped as the location was closed for renovation. There was also a couple who drove there but braved through the site. I thought it was weird so I decided to skip this and go look for more food since I did not have a lot for lunch.

Took a while and I happened to see a signboard that points to the location again. This time I decided to use google map to locate it and ta daaa….


Shitennoji was one of the oldest temple in Japan and was first ever to be built in the state. Prince Shotoku was the founder of this temple as he wanted to promote Buddhism into Japan.


Exterior grounds are free and you would have to pay 500 yen if you want to enter one of the temple to look at their Buddha.

On my way to the hotel… I saw a random shop and was attracted by the price of the Gyoza (Japanese fried Dumpling).

I tried to act like a local while walking in, I told the waiter I am the only one and I wanted Gyoza. I waited for about 10minutes but nothing happened. Another customer came in did the same thing but waited for the waiter to come over and ordered. He got his receipt and I did not.

Epic fail. LOL.

This time the waiter came over and I finally got my order.

This is how most shop houses in quiet areas look like. They are really small as they have to accommodate the kitchen.


237yen for 6 large pieces and the fillings were really awesome. What we had in Singapore is really nothing compared to what they have in Japan.


After that, I was on time to check in and finally got my warm bath!!! 😀


** This is a modified entry. I wrote a draft of this post yesterday but found it too EMO as I was having a bad day yesterday. So I hope it isn’t that bad now**

More Osaka entry to come.


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