Osaka Nov 2016 – Shinsekai 新世界

Dining in Osaka is not a big issue. In fact there are many restaurants and shop houses selling different variety of food. It ranges from Sushi to Tepanyaki to Ramen to bento to Tonkatsu set and many more. The list just goes on if you are in Japan and there isn’t really a must eat place as Japanese put in effort in whatever they do. From packaging to service to selling it. It has always been a big surprise.

From what I understand, Osaka or probably the whole of Kansai area, they are not famous for making Ramen. Honestly, through out this trip, I only encountered a few Ramen shophouses unlike my Tokyo trip where most of the time, I am at a ramen shop. In Kansai, most of them are not popular and those popular ones were not in my plan 😦

So come to think of it, Ajisen ramen that we see in Singapore, branded as Osaka’s famous ramen. You know what I am trying to say. In fact, I did not see any Ajisen through my trip in Osaka too. Lol

Without any delay, let me introduce to you Shin se kai, the New World.


Shinsekai was built before the world war. As you can see from the image, there is a tower in the middle, that is Tsutenkaku tower. The actual tower was being scrapped during WW2 and was rebuilt after that. Its said to be the symbol for Shinsekai.

I guess I was too early visiting Shinsekai as it felt like it was a night market. When I was there looking for something to eat, most of the shops were closed and there were very few tourists. Those that were open, the meal prices that they listed were quite expensive too.

I ended up eating Takoyaki instead.


300 yen for 8 pieces of Takoyaki. The shop looks popular as well, they have many photos of Japanese Artists lined up outside the shop.

There were only 2 tables and both were split by gender. I did not join any of them and I just stood by the trash bin looking at the barber shop with a really cute statue. I did not take a picture.

After that, I head down to my next location and cannot wait to check in to my hotel to get a warm bath! 😛


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