Osaka – Abeno Harukas

Here we go.

Kansai Solo trip


After arriving at Kansai airport, my schedule was being pushed back by at least half an hour due to the lack of assistance by the Telco provider. The plan was to purchase a SIM card that could last for my trip but the data plan that I was looking for was not available. I followed the sign that suggest unlimited data usage. I ended up at the counter where the lady speaks very simple English. Before I made the purchase, she insist that I read the policy they have printed on the signboard which was no assistance on setting up of the SIM card on our phones. I was bewildered as how difficult would it be to set them up. It should be as easy as ABC. I paid for the SIM and went over to a bench where a kid was happily playing with himself.

After inserting the SIM card, I tried Google. NO CONNECTION.

I was like is this a joke. I spent 4000 yen on something that cannot be used. I went over to the counter and now it has been taken over by a guy. I approached him and asked if he could take a look at why my phone has no connections. He kept pointing to the policy on the the board even after I insist him to help. I stood at the counter for another 20minutes before I finally realized that there was an instruction menu hidden in the SIM card package.

Firstly, who would have known that there is an instruction in a SIM card package. Secondly, he should have told me. Lastly, I was shocked by the service provided and I really thought my trip gonna stink.

After going through the instructions and setups, my phone finally got access to the net and I rushed to my hotel to leave my baggage for travel ease.

First stop: Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas was 5 minutes walk from my hotel. After asking the hoteliers to take care of my luggage, this was the first destination made.

Abeno  Harukas is the tallest skyscraper in Japan. It is also a commercial building where one can find departmental stores, restaurants and other retail outlets. What I like about this building and decide to make it the first destination was the tall glass panel. It is clear and surreal.

From 16th floor which is accessible by public for free, you can get to see Osaka city pretty worth while. By paying 1500 yen, you will get to view the city from level 58 to 60.


I personally like the view, that is why I decided to pay the 1500 yen. At the top floor, you would get to see buildings closely aligned to each other. The design is very similar to those in Tokyo. If you have the chance to be in Tokyo and view the city from either Tokyo Skytree tower or Shinjuku Metropolitan building, you would agree with me.


They too have a cafeteria at level 58 where you can enjoy a hot coffee or other beverages and look at the view. Being the first stop and wanted to play safe for the remaining days, I did not stay on for the cafe.

You can also visit the Abeno Harukas Museum which is on the right side of the counter that you can purchase the ticket to the observation deck. The exhibits are not permanent. It is said to change every few months. It is worth a visit if you are into Arts.

After taking the lift back down to Level 16, I head over to my next destination for lunch.


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