Random Taiwan – 01/10/2016

Super late post. Finally got some time. 😉

So let’s go!


The plan for the day was to travel to Yilan which was just about an hour away from Taipei. From what I understand Yilan has quite a number of interesting things to look at and do. If you like Museum, Lanyang Museum could be an option. They are really famous for their hot spring and cold spring. You can also get to see Gui Shan, turtle mountain from one of the beach in Yilan. On good weather days, there will be ferries to board and if you are lucky, you might get to see Dolphins and even Whales.

So i bought a return ticket. Here we go.


I reached Yilan as scheduled and went to buy a train ticket to go to a local beach area to see the Gui Shan, turtle mountain.

The fun part starts here.


In Singapore for example, the final stop is Harborfront, you can alight at clarke quay, chinatown and other stations drawn on the line. The stations are usually fixed.

Over here, it is different. I believe some trains go to other cities too. They do not have any map shown on any boards. So it was tough to gauge. Google map was not functioning well too. When the train arrived, I saw the final stop was the same and the next train would be another 10 minutes, I decided to board this train.

There was no seats and everyone was already standing. By the time, I realized that I have boarded the wrong train, I have to stand for an hour before the next stop. >< Anyway, the person at the counter did tell me to board the train at a certain timing but I chose not to follow.

I ended up back in Taipei. The worst has yet to end.

Train conductor came on board and started checking everyone’s ticket. I spent a good 5 minutes explaining my situation to him and that I have no idea why that train came to Taipei. He did charge me a fair amount of penalty. Still I was amused when I saw him.

What do I do when I am back in Taipei?

I went to Shifen. Most would prefer to go to Ping Xi for sky lanterns from what I heard on the train. Shifen was really crowded.

I waited for quite a while as I wanted to take a picture where most of the lanterns were up in the sky. Seems impossible 😦


This was like the “best” that I could get. With the traditional chinese lantern and 2 sky lanterns.


I bought one and wrote I want to be happy daily on all faces of the lantern.

Usually there would be a chance to take a photo before letting it go. For some reason, probably it was meant to be, the lantern caught on fire quickly and I had to let it go. It was not that bad after seeing others caught on fire at ground level.

This shot was a forced shot by the shop owner.


Then…. I forgot what happened but I ended back in Yilan. I think I wanted to follow through the afternoon plan since a few locations that I wanted to go have no time restriction.

I wanted to do a foot hot spring but I was too shy to share it with anyone. After reaching the location, I turned back and look for snacks that I could buy for everyone.

After that I got back to Taipei and went to Jay Chou’s theme restaurant. It looks real quiet even though 99% of the songs which are my favorite playing at the background.


With the final leg of this trip, I took a stroll down a mini market at Xi Men Ding.


See ya soon~~~


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