“Hello” weeeeeen?

The last time that i get to spend my halloween was probably 7 years back, 2009. My group of friends decided to visit the Night Safari’s halloween night that year.

How old was I?

At that year’s event, if i did not remember wrongly, there were Aladdin, the usual clown theme and red dress ladies. The queue was long and there was only 1 scare zone. You could also see those make up actors at the entrance trying to scare the crowd.

I was really timid then. I dare not look at any of them while I went through that zone. It was funny.

Over the next few years, came USS and then the halloween night for the 6th time this year. We had our company team building there.

I like the concept of having a simple makeup programme before the main event. Despite the rules and regulation set by the owner of rws, we did manage to finish our own make up theme before they start chasing us away. I had this skull face mask but i didnt use it.. Lol.. The mood was not there probably. (I like skull face more each day)

After that mini game, we went in to USS at around 730pm as a large group which eventually shrinked down to less than 15 and suddenly 12. Then i lost count.

There were at least 5 scare zones, 3 roller coaster rides. We took 2 of the roller coaster rides, went for a number of scare zones and a circus performance.

The queue was long but when compared to the usual day queue, it was not that bad. For 15 minutes wait to take a transformer ride was considered ok.

My favorite scare zone should goes to the old changi hospital. I have been to the actual old changi hospital many years back (at least 11 years?). So it resembles a little like how it was. From what i read, recently the actual OCH has turned out to be a place for couples to make out instead of a scare zone.

Anyway, at the rws scare zone, they would hold u at a dark holding area probably to make you feel nervous or unaware of your surroundings before you enter unlike other zones where u enter immediately. As you walked towards the building, there would be an old man sitting at the entrance looking at you. As you walk to the first door to enter the hospital, the first scare would be by a hidden red dress lady. And then….. I forgot what was next. Was there mist? Fill me in if you have been there recently.

Probably I was the last man of the group. So most of the actors, they would not attempt to scare you again as you know where they were. But they do kinda pop out and “confront” you again as they were paid to do so. In a normal human reactjon, if u know that he/she is an actor, you would not be afraid by that confrontation i guess.

I finally got a chance to ride one of the battlestar galatica rides. It took about 45 minutes or longer to get a taste of 30seconds of adrenaline rush. This was much crazier than the mummy rides. More turns and faster. Also a little patience testing since u cant bring in any electronic devices, u are literally there to wait if u are on ur own, or else, have a random chat moments. We had chat moments so it was not that bad.

I was so nervous when I was at the waiting area. I even had cold sweat and sweaty palms.

When the ride started accelerating up then down, I closed my eyes throughout! I did open them for a split second but it was during the spinning portion and i kept them closed until we reached the safety zone!

Hahahahah.. Oh my. Went total quietness after that. But everyone had fun. 😀

After that, we went to another 2-3 scare zones before going home.

Got to admit age has caught up since I can’t stay up past 12 without yawning non stop.

And guess what, my objective of getting an Elmo failed. FAIL!!!! 😦 Guess i will have to get it from Amazon afterall. For christmas then.. Lol.


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