Met someone interesting on my way home

Ps: I am typing this while i walk home. Lol.

I was studying Japanese on the bus while making my way home, since exam is just another month away. So i met this interesting lady who sat beside me through the trip.

She is probably at her late 60s, got curious of what i was studying and started asking what was i studying. I believe she is a Korean Drama fan as the first thing she asked was if that was korean before moving on to Japanese. Since it was the start of the journey and i have not really started much, i kind of hinted to her that i am not interested in this conversation.

She did not give up.

After finish reading her newspaper. She saw a short phrase written on my notes and asked, how do u say “What’s wrong?” in Japanese. Politely, i replied with a stutter, どうしたんですか(dou shi tan desu ka?) She tried pronouncing it and told me that she actually learnt Japanese in  1970s. 1978 to be exact! That was 38 years ago! I was stumped and fell into deep thoughts on what should i relay my next message in a polite manner. Then she told me she used to know some friends who know Japanese and went on to Japanese colleage and so on.

She continued asking where was I studying, why did I study Japanese and so on. I gave a really true but funny answer to why I studied Japanese. It was meant as a pasttime/ hobby. She laughed and told me that she was a French teacher at a location that i can’t make out. She also told me that Asians have difficulty pronuncing many French words. She taught me how to say Whats wrong in French but I quickly forgot about it. RAM memory. XD

Somehow she got on a roll and continue on with the conversation and it seems like my hint that I am studying was lost in space.

I had to stop her at some point as I was at my stop. I hope the way I ended was not rude as I kind of felt it that way. Can you imagine if I continue on the conversation? Lol

I find this lady interesting as she can start a conversation randomly. To me its a chore, I hardly speak to my friends let alone strangers. I always have the hard time starting a conversation because I dont know if its ok to talk about something. I kind of lost my confidence in talking more and more each day and i prefer to be in solitary.

Anyway I look forward to seeing a friendly Japanese like this lady,when I go on a trip to Japan. I want to talk to them and understand their lifestyle and many more.

Kind of a nice thing to turn the day around. It wasnt a nice day giving that its 12 of a month. 😀

I am working on my time for my trip posts. Sorry for any delay. ><  See you soon.


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