At times, I really really wonder how does it felt like being part of something.

Like being part of a crew, being part of a music band, being part of a functional team, etc….

I have worked and played music as a team years back. I did work in a fast food joint for close to a year. During that time, I was hoping to earn a few bucks to buy my stuffs and probably have enough cash to spend time with my ex. I did play music as a student. It was a funny experience. At first, I did it because Dad knows how to play it so I can learn it if I face as issue. The main objectives was to score those points that the school required. Eventually, we did some performance on stage, like every festival there would be a theme song for us to perform. During that time, the hottest song was My Love by Westlife and I cannot remember why did we chose that song. It was a funny experience because at my final year, I should be even more interested in my music class but I ended up dating my ex.

I started to skip classes so that we could spend time together. I wanna be part of something. Like be someone’s boyfriend. In the end, we did not last long, so did my relationship with my music class. In the end, after I joined the workforce, I went on learning it again. I kind of quit learning after the instructor forced me to go for the exam which I have stated clearly my opinion. So now, I am not part of any band or any crew. Can you imagine my weekends?

Weekends are the worst.

I started with movie outings on my own. To self study for Post Grad. To picking up a new language. To going out for a night out. To …. I am lost. Lately, been doing some handicraft for someone and I wonder if it is really worth my time judging how I was treated at times.

I have been thinking of going to an open field or a quiet carpark and play my guitar. Just time is not on my side. What if I stop going to work on weekends?

Probably being a solitary person has its good and bad. I dont know.

Anyway, I have this friend. He is my friend. A close one. I am really trying hard to get him to talk and probably meet up. I don’t have much friends. Probably 4-5 left on my list? And I really need him to stay on this short list…

I hope he is doing ok. I hope he is well. Please talk to us soon.

I want to form a group that we can be part of………….


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