Taiwan Day Trip – Cing Jing Farm 01/09/2016

Delayed post.

I have been to Taiwan for 3 times. The first time was with Mom. Second time was with a friend. So they say third time makes a charm, so why not give a solo trip a try? (PS: actually I can’t find anyone free to go with >.<)

In my previous post, I posted about my trip around Taipei with my friend from Taipei. On this second day of the 4 days trip, I made my way to Cing Jing Farm. It is situated at Nantou but you can go there by taking a tour bus from Tai Chung. I bought the day pass that includes the farm visit and also the bus ride (to and fro).


Without any delay, lets go to Cing Jing Farm.


Cing Jing (清境)

In my opinion, it is the neverland for kids. They have a huge grassland. Sheep to play with, little horses to ride and its naturally healthy since its far from the city area.

I did get to see a number of kids chasing after the sheep at the main hall or performance stage.

On weekends, they do have performances that is worth catching. Too bad for me, that day was an off-day. But I still get to spend some quality time with the sheep by having a

Sheep feeding session.

Sheep feeding was fun. That was the only time you can capture the attention of those sheep. You would start to chase after the same one that took more than one pack of your snacks. If not they would swarm at you giving you the innocent look that they need to be fed. HA!

So I had this target which I fed for about 2 boxes of snacks while trying to get a selfie with it. Its difficult to get an angle. So I had to overfed it. It got bored of me and walked away and I had to chase after it up the slope into the grassland. Lol.


This was one of the better ones with the sheep in it. If not most of the time, it was out of the way. That was before I went chasing after it.


It was a very beautiful day at Cing Jing, with a clear weather.



I spent for about an hour looking at this view of the mountain.


I got myself this special drink that we don’t get to see back at home. In order to drink this, you have to pop the cap and the “ball” would sink into the water, creating a soft drink. It can be found in most part of Taiwan.


And that’s it. My trip to Cing Jing ended after about 3 hours walk around the farm. (And bus chase, as the tour bus did not came on time)

You can opt to stay in the hostel to have a star gazing moment. Since I was on a budget, I did not planned that in. And guess what, the next morning, He Huan Shan started to snow. I was just a bus away from seeing snow. >.<

I will be posting more about my Taiwan trip in the next few days if not weeks. Been really busy so stay tune. It will be about my trip to Yilan which ended up at Shifen.

See ya.


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