3rd visit to Taipei – 01/08/2016

Earlier this year, i went on a trip to Taipei. The initial plan was to go to different city/ town every month. After booking my flight to Melbourne in February, I made another booking for Taipei in January.

It was my 3rd time heading over to Taipei. Have got used to things there and how their transport work. It is very similar to what things were at home and so I made a 4 days trip to Taipei and a side trip to Nantou.

The first day was simple. The trip was covered by a friend who was a Taiwanese. After arriving at Taoyuan at around 6am. There was basically nothing to do. Lol. I took the bus down to the Taipei main station and slept through the journey. I did not have the chance to sleep on flight. The engine noise and seat was not comfy unforunately.

I guess at around 8am I made it to the main station and took the metro down to the famous Long shan temple. There were many devotees making prayers and there were group chanting and singing. This was something that we did not get to see back home. Kind of special.


After that i went to Taipei 101. I wanted to have a view of Taipei city for the first time after returning to this city for the 3rd time. Unfortunately, the mist was blocking the view. It was kind of a waste paying for the ticket and besides, the deck was crowded with tourists. It was not a worthy experience.

I planned to meet my friend at Danshui at around 12pm. Did not have much time to go over to Din Tai Fung and immediately, boarded the 1hour train to Danshui.

I like Danshui as it is like a version of ECP. Quiet and the sea view. You can also do cycling there. On my first ever trip to Taiwan, Danshui was also the only stop that saw sunshine.

Met my friend at the station and we had lunch at Danshui. Being a Taiwanese, he suggested that we try the ah gei and meatball from the stall at Danshui.

It was a really filling and big portion. It is really suitable for a cold day. I did try to finish it and it lasted for the day. Lol. We did not spend too much time at Danshui. Next stop Jiu Fen.

The advantage of knowing someone there is you can skip all the public transport. We reached Jiu Fen at around 2pm. There were already a huge crowd. The mist again was there to block my view. For 3rd time in Jiu Fen, I could not get to see what is beyond the sea.

We had some dessert at the stall in the old street. Really warm up the body as it was cold at the mountain. I did not manage to finish the dessert since the ah gei was not digested. My friend then took me to see the Jinguashi.

The view of the mountain was magnificent. You can really feel the enormous of it.

After that we went over to keelung for dinner. It was only 5pm when we reached keelung. So dinner was way too early and I was not feeling hungry. My friend took me to walk around the place and finally we ended up at the night market.

Still full. We ordered a light snack and got some dessert to end the day.

We head back to Xi men ding after that. It took almost 2 hours to drive around as the traffic was congested. My friend had to drop me off at a station nearby as his car was not able to drive into XMD.

Since it was still early. Went walking around XMD and did some shopping. Did not care about the baggage limit and so I bought quite a number of souenvir back. I also got the chance to try the Ah zhong mian xian.

Night was still young but I decide to sleep early especilly skipping a sleep on the flight. Lol.


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