Experience: Wedding Day

So I took quite a while to finally make this post possible. I have been really busy on and off work. Anyway, this post is about what happened on the 10th of September 2016.

Being a bridegroom’s brother wasn’t an easy task, it requires a lot of knowledge, patience and most importantly, waking up early. I had to wake up at around 5am before heading over to our friend’s house. Once reached, we have to go through the plans again to make sure that things were proper and discuss about the gate crashing. We were lucky to have a mentor who had over 20 experiences to guide us through. Being amateurs, we tried our best to absorb as much and at the same time being careful as this was our friend’s wedding.

Each of us were given 2 red packets. We were assigned to different price tag so that it would be fun when we do the gate crashing. We head over to the bride’s home when the time was right. AND ITS SHOW TIME!

At the car park, anxiously, we came out of the car, in our pink shirt and shorts, smiling and shaking hands with the camera man. We went up to the bride’s flat and the fun starts.

The initial plan was to ask the sisters to choose one of us with the red packets in exchange for the key into the flat. We made a mistake by giving all of our red packets in each selection, leaving us to none after going through 4 rounds of selection. We just forgot about what our mentor advised us earlier on giving one each to extend the negotiation. We ended up drinking some “medicine?” and after that some chilli soup with chilli meatball. One of us had to finish up a chilli sandwich. Since we have nothing left to negotiate, the sisters wanted us to do exercise before passing us the keys. I guess it was getting late as one of them told us that the keys were hanged at one of the windows and we have to search for it.

After getting the keys, it was my friend’s show to enter the Bride’s room. He had to give 10 reasons of why he wants to marry the Bride’s before entering the room. We did not know if we can help him so we stood close to the dining table and was eagerly waiting for the feasting time. In the end, our mentor told us to help him out and ta daaa… We met the Bride finally!!!!

The process wasn’t long actually. Probably 10 minutes spent during gate crashing, another 30 minutes for the tea ceremony. Then off we went to our friend’s house for another tea ceremony with the bride. I did not stay on after tea ceremony session 2.

At around 3.3opm, I reached the hotel where the dinner was planned. We gathered at our friend’s room at around 4pm and brought the necessary stuffs down to the ballroom for our rehearsal.

There were ample time before the guests’ arrival. There was a photo booth with multiple toys and I took one of them to play. I did not play them for too long unfortunately. Lol.

Relatives side of the bride and my friend came at around 6 for the solemnization. Honestly I have no idea what it was until I saw it. It was a replay of what was done at ROM (I guess).

Guests slowly came in at around 7pm. We had about 1 hour before the start of the ceremony. I have no idea what to do within that hour. My friend told us to entertain the guests. At first, we wanted to go over and talk to them. After seeing most of them coming in groups and knowing each other. I thought we could be busy with ourselves anyway.

It was the longest 1 hour ever. Walked in and out of the ballroom. Look at facebook, instagram, twitter. Tried Pokemon Go. Out of topics with the group of friends. Suddenly about 15minutes before the dinner, we decided that we could sing for our friend. We chose the song “Friend” in Chinese. It was really sudden and I had to google up the song to recall the tune.

5 minutes. I was struggling with the lyrics.


Everyone was in the ballroom seated waiting for the Bride and Bridegroom to make their entry. We gathered at the sound room to support one of us who was doing the sound system. The music theme hits and the march in. The dinner began right after that.

After about 4 dishes, the next march in and the toast AND IT WAS OUR TURN TO SING.

I have not done any public singing. It was the first stage singing. Even though I did guitar performance last year and 10 years ago, the stage fright was there. There was 3 of us and 2 mics were given. I had to share it with another friend. I tried my best to keep him in the loop but I think I took it more than him. (You know the bad habit of singing at Karaoke).

After that, it was close to the end. We had a little surprise for our friend since his birthday was the next day. The sisters decorated the room and even had a cake. So our job was to make sure that he could last to that point and so… drinking session commenced. My friend’s colleagues are heavy drinkers. We managed to hold off a few and since there was a limit to wine and alcohol order, we were all safe after that. I thought I would get drunk but it was lucky enough. XD

We signed off by singing a happy birthday song and cake cutting session.

It was an extraordinary experience. Throughout the day, it was tiredness, tiredness and tiredness. Despite that, we did learn a valuable lesson should we be invited to be a brother for another bridegroom. Until the next time, this is really one of the fun time I had. I want to thank my friend for this opportunity.

Ok. I want to get married soon.


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