So i have this thought again before going to bed. Am I socializing enough?

The obvious answer is no. Outside the current working group, i only happen to know a few. How about 3 less my friend’s sister? This is what i have made over the last 3 months in this company. If I were to compare myself to another colleague who was about the same time joining the company as me, i am an outstanding non sociable person.

I dont know why but i just dont like the feeling that one day everyone will be gone and i have to get through it just like how i did in my last company.

i cant say i socialized alot. I can say i had more interactions with people. I even fell in love with my own tech and we all know what happened next. I am at this junction of how can i embraced this situation.

I can be really sociable and make friends or i just stick with my usual plans of talking to those that i think deserves my time and understand more and their habits. By doing the latter i thought would be more closer to them in a way.

So? I have no idea.

I just need a good lunch partner now. I cant even answer the question of who am i having lunch with just now. Can you believe it? Lol…


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