I was at Tiong Bahru this morning chasing 2 books written by Singaporean. For some reason they only publish at that shop and that left me with no choice but to make my way down. What I want to write today (especially after going all quiet after so long) is not about chasing books. Its about what I witnessed today at Tiong Bahru. Something that hit 2 extreme ends.


As I was making my way out of the station, I saw a woman approaching an old lady who, for some reason didnt take the escalator but the stairs, was walking awkwardly up the stairs. I saw her concerning eyes and she offered help to the old lady. The old lady obviously rejected the offer probably didnt want to trouble anyone. The woman didnt walked away. She stood there patiently, waiting for the old lady as she makes her step one after another to ground level.

At that moment, I was so pleased with my citizens. There are really kind people around.

That actually got countered with another incident. I call this a bipolar effect.

I was having lunch at MOS burger. This outlet was different from others. They are run by senior citizens. Can you imagine them clearing trays for you?

Yah. Tray clearing. This is something that I wanted to talk about. I saw this kid, probably 12-13 years old. He isnt crippled. He is able to walk and obviously is healthy if not he wont be ordering lunch from a fast food outlet. He found a table and the table had a tray of leftovers by the previous person. The kid didnt clear it on his own and keeps ordering the old lady to clear it for him. I almost want to went up to him and give him a lesson but I just kept quiet. The old lady came over and clear it for him.

This triggered a series of thoughts on what have the parents been focusing on. Are they too focus on “important” lessons like how to catch up school work and make it to the University? Or are they competitive enough to survive? Do parents know that they are missing out the moral parts?

That brings me to a simple train ride. A typical person who takes a train see a person in need would only give up their seats if they are on the reserved seats. Why? I just dont understand. So if the government decides to remove the reserved seats on the train, does that equates us not giving seats to people in need? I dont get what values have been instilled to the people lately. Its morally wrong.

Lets take another example, when you see a family of 3, kid is about 7-8 years old, would you give up your seats to the kid? I dont know why but i always wonder why people give up seats to 7-8 year old kid (who is so energtic and can seriously stand and should not be pampered and develop a lazy habit) over giving up seats to those really in need.

Just some curiousity and i may be wrong. I wanted to post on Facebook but i think no one will care about it. This channel is also kind of not seen by many so… Just making some thoughts and comments.


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