Let’s go Tokyo 2015/1/16

It took me awhile to write this post. Last Friday I had my first OT. Saturday was a packed day for me. Sunday was more of a shopping and play some game and revision day. I can’t find time until today. I thought I can’t find any time today as well as I was expecting an OT today. Surprised, I had nothing to do the whole of today. Hmm… That triggered a number of mental thinking about this job. Anyway, I won’t go through in this post.

Back to the topic. Its the last day! I can’t wait to go back home. Lol. Seriously.

I didn’t went out of my room until 1030am. I woke up at 8am, got ready actually and did some revision and went through 2 episode of variety show from Taiwan. I am out of idea of where to go in Tokyo especially when you have to check out from hotel. So I had a light schedule for the day.

I checked out at 1030am and I left my luggage with the counter to look after. I went to Ikekuburo for an early lunch. On the last day, I had the final taste of ramen from Japan. I went to Mutekiya. Their ingredients are slightly different. They use kang kong instead of beansprout.

IMG_2114 IMG_2116

After that, I walked over to Sunshine City. It wasn’t as difficult to make your way to Sunshine City. Its actually pretty easy. Just follow the sign boards and you will be there in no difficulties.

I head straight to Sunshine 60 as I thought I have a chance to see Mount Fuji. When I reached the building, I have no idea where did the clouds came from. They started to form everywhere and so there goes my chances of seeing it. 😦


When you are at the counter, you can get a discount for Sunshine Aquarium if you are interested. If not you can just spend ~ 600 yen to get the ticket for this view.

Take your time to enjoy this view as its really rare and I did take my time and even got an ice cream off the vending machine. lol.

Then I went to aquarium, of course. I can’t simply end a trip without visiting the animal kingdom! I was surprised that the viewing tank was SO much clearer than our S.E.A Aquarium. Prove:


After that, it was a visit to the Pokemon center. Its at level 2 of the same building.

IMG_2235 IMG_2236

The shop was pretty big but the items are quite repetitive on the shelves. I got myself an Articuno Figuring instead of those plush.

I wanted to go to J-World but I dropped the idea, the entrance fee was an amount, going into certain exhibit is another amount. So I thought I can save that for snacks that I can bring home.

I saw myself taking train back to the hotel and at around 430pm, I am on my way to Nippori station to take the Keisei Skyliner.


I got on the plane at 8.55pm. I was kind of in a rush as at around 8.40pm I was still buying snacks at one of the shops. LOL!

3.30am landed in Singapore. 4am got my luggage. Home sweet home.

I must say this trip has been crazy. Being unable to speak or read Japanese, its a kind of crazy for me to go there on my own. In fact, I thought I can’t make it even out of the airport as I can’t speak to anyone to get myself on train to Tokyo. I was also worried what if I can’t order any food. All those was answered and I was able to handle them without much of an issue.

If you are really interested in traveling alone, I am encouraging you to do that as you don’t have much opportunities once you start a family.

So where will be my next destination? …….


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