Let’s go Tokyo 2015/1/15

On the 15th of January 2015. 15/1/15. Its a day year symmetrical date. Anyway, I found myself heading to Yokohama on a rainy day. Not really pouring but it was windy. When I said windy, I really mean windy. Not those that you encounter here, its the kind of wind that will break your umbrella.

All this did not stop me from traveling indoors. I thought probably I should have do a switch earlier like putting more out doors activity earlier. Anyway, my first stop was Cup Noodle Museum.

IMG_2038 IMG_2033

For 800 yen it covers your admission and also the chance to make your very own cup noodle!

The exhibition hall was huge! But there weren’t much of an exhibition to see. Its more of the timeline of the evolution of a normal ramen to become a packet ramen to a cup noodle. Its a big invention to be honest as you can store such food for a long period of time and still able to eat it and not feel hungry after that.

So don’t miss out the movie and also the short cup noodle exhibit!

Take note that you have to be at level 3 to make your cup noodle at the allocated time. It was actually pretty simple. Buy the cup from the vending machine. Then clean your hands. Then go to the table to start drawing on your cup.

I was having a brain block day as it was raining outside and I was thinking of whether to do a shift of my itinerary. In the end, I stood there like an idiot for about 5 minutes and finally decided to write some silly wordings on it.


After you have completed drawing, head over to the noodle side to have the experience of rolling the noodle into your cup.


After that, ingredients selection.


Then cover seal and cup seal.

IMG_2050 IMG_2054

TADAAA~~~ Within minutes your cup noodle is ready. If you stay in Japan, you can actually go to the final stage to pack your cup noodle into a bag. If you are taking the plane it is best to avoid it or else it will explode on plane due to the air pressure.

Right after that, I head over to the world porters shopping mall to spend sometime and do some light shopping and at the same time catch some warm.

Then I went over to Queen’s Square for lunch. It was a shop that sells Soba and it was the very first time on this treat that I tasted a Japanese Soba. Its really cold and tasteless. That’s the reason why they provide you with the sauce. lol.


After that it was Chinatown visit. But the whole trip was a waste as Chinatown was an outdoor activity and you know, yup the rain. Its was windy and its difficult to take a picture with an umbrella with you too. So guess what, I spent less than 30 minutes of the scheduled 2 hours there. Unbearable coldness so I decided to end the day early and go back to hotel and chill. But before that, I make my way to the other end of Yokohama for ramen museum.

It was surprising that the subway line was called the Blue line. HOW CREATIVE???? LOL!

Anyway, I thought the ramen in the ramen museum was over rated. I tried one of them and thought it wasn’t as good as I thought. Probably I am not hungry at all.


That was it. My final station that was intended to end at 6pm became 3pm all because of the rain. I can’t blame it any further but to blame myself for not looking at the reports and do a shift of it.

I was back at hotel at around 4.30pm or probably 5pm and I literary waited for dinner hours before I set out again. I didn’t intend to travel to other locations beside Shinjuku as I wanted to save up on my travel fare. As you know, to top up the travel card, you need 1000 yen and I don’t need so much to travel around on the next day. So with some recommendation from my friend that the following ramen shop is top 10 in Tokyo, I set out to Menya Musashi at Nigashi Shinjuku.

IMG_2088 IMG_2093 IMG_2094 IMG_2095

If you intend to visit, please prepare at least 1080 yen as this is the cheapest I can find. Lol. It was good. Much better than the one you see in Singapore. Actually those in Singapore was nice but wasn’t as good as this. Coming out from someone that doesn’t have high expectations for taste.

Final final stop for the last night in Tokyo was back at Tokyo Metropolitan Building. Since I have been touring around Shinjuku since day 1. I have found out which way to take, shortest path and so on and was able to make my way there and back hotel without being in the rain for too long.

IMG_2110 IMG_2098

Thank you Tokyo for bringing me so much fun and time to really chill out and think about my future of what is going to be and should be.

Hopefully we will meet again soon?

End of Day 5.


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