Watch Dog vs Sleeping dog

So I got these 2 games over the last 3 weeks. I sold one of them over the past weekend. Guess which game?

Watch Dog.

Watch Dog is an open end game. To have an easier understanding of what the game style was, I can quote GTA. It replicates GTA’s open world concept. Primarily models GTA’s police chase. I can’t say much of it as I didn’t go any further into the game after the first chapter. In fact I was kind of pissed off by the police chase whenever I tried to escape during one of the car steal mission. I can never shake off the police. Its so bugging me that I just tried the mission for more than half an hour and I am still playing that mission.That game found another owner the last weekend at a super discount rate as I don’t want to see it again.

I was kind of desperate to find something to do as I have nothing much left to do. I went online to catch out the other dog game. Sleeping dog. It is an up-paced game. The game started out on a police chase and you would find yourself running and running and running. Cut scenes are inserted right after every mission and it just keeps coming. Its so “addictive” that you don’t know when is the end of the mission. I guess I completed 2 mission since I saw 2 trophies and the game was real fantastic.

2 similar dog titles but 2 different game style. Which one do you prefer?


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