Christmas 2014

Hi A,

I cant sleep. I thought beside thinking of ways to text you, i can write my thoughts here. I have no idea if it will reach you but lets hope it does. I didnt text you today as scheduled as i know u wont reply me, so probably i shouldnt do anymore silly texting to make you reply me.

How are you lately? I didnt receive any information from you, i hope u are doing ok. How is your Christmas? Did u go anywhere? Meet anyone any friends?

How about letting me share my “adventures”. I went out on my own today.  I wanted to ask one of my friend out for a movie, but i didnt make it happen. He has less than $700 left in his balance and i really cant make him spend anymore money. He too doesnt want me to treat him. So thats a big problem. I do have other friends but i really dont know if they were free. Most have their own cliche so i thought i should not bother them.

I went down to Founder Bak Kut Teh today for lunch. I wanted to do breakfast then lunch at somewhere else but i was too tired! I ended up going down for lunch.

It tastes quite good. Actually i dont know what a BKT really taste like. But i can say this is good. It cost $10 plus a drink. Cheap right?

After that i went to do some window shopping at city square mall. It was quite boring. No idea why i wanted to go there but i did walk for at least 20 minutes before i finally decided to head down to orchard.

I wanted to have a relax tea break moment at plaza sing but the crowd was crazy! So i walked over to starbucks at the cathay. It was much peaceful. I must say i was stunned by the counter girl.

What happened was i didnt expect to see her, so i talked to her colleague near the counter. Suddenly she sprang up.  I was stumped by her and i have no idea who should i place my order to. So i talked myself out to the air. She make my day. She was the first person to wish me merry xmas. Probably i looked sad, she also wished that i have a good day. Kind of attracted to it. I havent had someone giving me a spirit booster ever since you gave me then.

Then after that i went to get a new pair of slippers and i saw a long stretch of queue right at the counter.

So really. How have you been?

I miss you.


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