How have you been?

I have not seen you for more than a week. Everything going well at work? Are you busy lately? Or things are still the same? Getting more boring? Getting more quieter? Even lesser things to do?

Why won’t you say anything? Why won’t you just give me a text? Why won’t you just reply my text? Why can’t we still be friends after all these?

Why am I treated this way? Why can’t you be more nice to me?

I just miss you. No. I miss you every minute. I think of you every minute. Everything that I do, I am thinking of you. Wondering if you are doing ok at your side.

I don’t dare messaging you. I know its a one direction thing. I just wish I wasn’t the chosen one then at least I can still see you for another 4 months before I decide to finally let you go.

I just wish that I could see you or even see a text from you. I miss you. A.


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