I have not been in my best mood over the past month. I got to know on 18th November that i will be the only one to be let go from the team. Since then, i have not really smile much. I did force a few laughter and smile. I can say i aint happy.

Unfortunately, things havent been going smoothly for me. Got rejected, got retrenched and i wonder when will i get hired. I have been thinking of what to do everyday and stalking job site as if its some porn site. I cant stand it anymore. I hope to get a job soon and hopefully i can get so busy that i cant find myself thinking of her.

Yup. A.

I miss her. I havent been in this situation. Not seeing or even hearing her voice for more than 6 days. Its crazy. I wanted to give her a call or even just text her but i thought its silly. I know i should just move on since she doesnt care about me.

I wish i could be a little more heartless. I could just forget her once and for all. But i just cant do it. She seems to be running in my mind every minute and i just wish i could see her soon. Real soon. A, if u do read this, i just hope we could talk. A short text is fine too.


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