Get use

It just continue to suck.

I have no idea if I will get use to life without work starting tomorrow. Actually I haven’t really been working for the past 3 weeks even when I was in office. Since the product has come to an end, there isn’t much I can do and my boss just didn’t want to give me anything as I am a goner.

Can’t blame him. But for me if he does give tasks for me to do, I will just ensure everything run smoothly even if its my last day.

But damn. Its over. I can’t help anyone in anyways. I have to learn to help myself now to withdraw this work syndrome or probably the “I can’t bear to see the days that I can’t see her or hear from her ever again” syndrome. I have to get over it. She didn’t even bother typing a single word to me and ask if I was okay.

I just can’t believe it. After everything that was done. My touches were unable to move her heart. Wait, did I make a mistake in some ways? Sigh.. Definitely no. Probably its just nothing between us and fate isn’t helping to pull us together.

TIME TO GET USE TO IT! Lets go. Come on!


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