First ever team lunch –> but a goodbye?

I am finally on par with all my blog posts. I have been real emotional and busy lately. Trying to find a new job and trying to get use to the days without everyone around me. Trying to go back to the loner life before started working. I finally decided to find time and managed to update and upload all information to the latest.

So today is the last day for 2 of my colleagues. 1 will get retrenched, the other will be on MC for 2 months. Its the most emotional day I guess as today happened to be one of the best day ever.

It started out with the closure of one last job that would end by the end of year which I won’t be overseeing. I have it passed on to her and I hope she can manage it with the help of my guides and everything. Right after that, we went for our tea breaks. We had a long tea break this time and really had much things to talk among each other. Its 3 of us btw. Topics range from travel, to work, to daily life to work again and so on. We were also presented each a cake as I helped out with a photo taking session earlier on.


It was nice of them to pass us each a cake but it was way too much for us to handle especially on a Friday morning. We went back at around 10am. Wasted some time by really doing nothing and by 1140am after I finished my chit chat session with my boss, we went down to Katong for lunch.

It was none other than the famous Astons.


It was the first time that all 5 of us took a bus from our company to Katong. It was also the first time that I had a team lunch without our boss. It was maybe considered as a farewell lunch and I called it the first ever lunch together. I ordered a Grilled Fish with Herbs as my main. It wasn’t as great as its famous Chargrill Chicken but for a whole week of chicken, it can be damned. So I went on with my fish dish.

I wasn’t sure if it was the cake that make me full but I just can’t finish the dish. Luckily for me, everyone was taking their time to finish it, that gave me the chance to put an end to the dish.

After we settled our bill, I thought we will be going back for sure but there was random discussion of not going back to work and do shopping etc. I suggested that we can go for a movie and in the end, we REALLY DID! We went to I12 for the Disney movie Alexander the horrible days …. a long name … at 1.35pm. Can you believe it?! Movie during office hours?! And we ain’t on leave. Man, it was hardcore and when it ended at 3pm, we still went for shopping. Back office only at 4pm. LOL! Luckily our boss was understanding enough since 2 of our colleagues will be doing their last day.

We had a group photo at 5.20pm as scheduled and I was really happy today. Despite all the “things” that I have been thinking of and there are “things” that I can’t mention here, I love today. It was the best day ever. I wish I could post the photo but for the privacy of everyone, I will keep it as a secret.

I doubt next Friday will be as awesome as today. But I am ready as I guess I have completed my last day with my company with a beautiful ending.

Until then, I hope u and I can still be in contact. U know who I am referring?


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