Timbre & Porn’s


So my day started out at Switch with a 12 year old girl getting her first EP release and a mini concert for her. 12 years old, I should be taking my PSLE and playing Gameboy color trying to beat the Elite Four using my level 68 Pidgeot. Lol. That was my memory of my 12 years old. For this little girl, I thought she was very fortunate to be given this opportunity to release an EP and sing in front of everyone. Courageous.

Oh ya, our minister Mr Lim was present during the whole event. This was my first time seeing him.

After that we went to Liang Seah Street for some Thai food. If you know Pornsak, this is his restaurant.

IMG_1142 IMG_1143 IMG_1144 IMG_1145 IMG_1146

If you love spicy food, try Tom Yum at the highest level. I tried at a lower level and was totally defeated by it! Lol..


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