Love Rosie

You know at times when you are so deeply in love with someone, when someone did something that may hurt you, you can feel it so badly. I like this person and has not change my aspect of it until now. I have told her how I feel but it was kind of sad to have my feelings rejected and it was on a Good Friday. Anyway, I went to watch Love Rosie.

I didn’t manage to find time for it as I have been running around for volunteer work and meeting some friends for movie. When I finally found time, it was late screening. But it is always better than nothing. Love Rosie, Wowed me with the story line. It was beautifully written. Even though the whole cinema was filled with couples except for me being the sole loner, I enjoyed the movie through out. Touching, happy ending.

There was this tag line that I love so much,

“No matter where you are or what you are doing or who you are with. It doesnt matter, it doesnt change it, and i always will, honestly, truly, completely love you!…”

I wish you could understand how I feel about you. I can’t bear to leave you. I really love you and miss you. Please give us a chance to make it work. Please I love you. My dearest… ***


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