NBA Singapore~

So we had another NBA experience in Singapore again!!! WOO HOOO~~~

Last year it was so much fun with NBA star Brook Lopez, Robin Lopez and Quincy Pondexter heading down to Orchard in 2 separate occasions!

This year, we had another round of “fun”. In fact it was a shocker. There were less than 20 people at the booth. Non staff probably 10? Lol. I was shocked as the location chosen was really bad. Sports Hub was a deserted area over the weekend unless you have great advertising strategy. Anyway, I managed to pull a friend along to join me on one of the day and it wasn’t so lonely.

I didn’t win any of the prizes as I didn’t join any but I got to have an autograph with Horace Grant and also a picture with him. It was so lucky of me! 🙂

IMG_0784 IMG_0791 IMG_0804 IMG_0828 IMG_0838 IMG_0856


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