Formula 1 Experience

How does it feel to be a race official? Not any race official, an international Grand Prix race official.

It was a crazy experience. Listening to the speed of the vehicle going past you is already deafening, imagine you get the chance to go on track to retrieve debris or even help out with the recovery of stall or crashed vehicles.

I had a wonderful 3 days experience with my team. To be honest, for someone like me it was a challenge. A challenge to mix with new people especially those who has been together for quite awhile. Mixing with them really takes a huge amount of effort as you have to find a way to join their conversation. At the same time you have to be actively looking to talk. So if you are acting a total loner, its most probably you will get left out through out.

I was actually quite lucky to be placed into sector 0.7. It was a straight route and no accident would happen. I call it lucky as compared to those in sector 1 was because sector 0.7 allows me to participate in mini group chats. The Deputy sector chief was also actively looking to talk to me at the same time. So I was kind of enjoying the time with that group over the past 3 days that I don’t mind if I can’t go on track. As you can see one of my team mates were given the chance to go on track to retrieve some debris and he was so damn happy about it. Good for him but to me, it just a normal part of a car nothing special. What is special is seriously social skills.

Even though it was really tiring, I had a great time and I can’t wait for 2015. I can’t wait to go back as next year I will be at a different sector that might have more incident than what I have this year.

Well.. Until then~ 🙂

Photos~~~ Not uploaded to facebook at all. So you have the sneak preview of all.

IMG_0536 IMG_0545 IMG_0574 IMG_0637 IMG_0673 IMG_0738


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