Going Seoul

So lately its kind of Korean for me. I attended Korean Concert and went for Korean food outings.

Actually, I am not very korean and I don’t quite like it.

Anyway, I went to one of the Korean restaurant at the new orchard gateway shopping mall. They were having a promo lunch set so I brought my friend there for lunch before going for a movie.


It wasn’t really nice actually. I have no idea how to finish the kimchi and the green vegetables. The kimchi soup was really testing my taste buds. lol

Anyway, the next day I went for a Korean concert. I wanted to attend as I want to feel the hype that got almost every Singaporean girls so crazy about.


IMG_0514 IMG_0515                                             IMG_0517 IMG_0521

So I went through 3 hours of hell. The whole 3 hours, everyone was screaming. I have no idea why but they just kept on screaming. You know the kind of high pitch scream that will make you go deaf. I can’t even make out what the singers were singing even though the speaker was right in front of me. That was the magnitude of the scream I was trapped in for 3 hours.

I wanted to leave early but I decided to stay on as probably there will be some interesting things for me to look at but honestly, nothing much happened.

Music was appreciable in some of the genre. Even though for the full 3 hours I have no idea what they were singing, some of the melody was nice. Not all. There were some fast paced songs that were meant to be ignored.

I have to say the only female group that attended this concert was the reason that kept me alive. At least there are 4 female artist to look at. If not I think I must be a total crazy man for joining a all guy artist concert.

Anyway, I have no idea whether I will go for another concert by a Korean artist. Probably I will attend one but it has got to be going with my girlfriend/wife.


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