Dine with Naked Finn

This post gonna be considered super duper late. I have been real busy throughout the whole of September due to one of the most important international event held here, Forumula 1. I have been scheduled for a number of trainings, volunteered in a number of similar trainings as well and most importantly, the race weekend.

So lets not delay any further, I would like to describe my experience with Naked Finn.

I got to know Naked Finn through one of my fellow Instagrammers whom I have followed and I came across one of their popular dish, the Lobster Roll! The whole intention to visit the Naked Finn was for that dish. Unfortunately, I have no idea that the dish was only served in the afternoon and they are closed on Sunday, so when I was there in the evening, I was in for a shock as I have no idea what else to order.

Luckily the staff was real friendly. They introduced us a few dishes that we happened to find it tasty!

The first side dish was Grilled baby Indian squids (Loligo duvauceli).

I am not someone into seafood but these squids were fantastically made.


My friend and I ordered the same main dish, Pan-fried locally-farmed barramundi (Lates calcarifer) fillets with sea salt & olive oil. We really like how its being cooked and served. I am really impressed with their display and the color combination. The fillet was really tender and fresh which is the most important thing for a dish like this.


We did have dessert right after the meal Homemade lychee + pink grapefruit + acacia honey sorbet


The overall experience with Naked Finn was really good. A bar like restaurant and its located at a very quiet location. Honestly, if you weren’t observant enough, you might not even know their existence. Do some google, have their location looked up and it will definitely save up a huge amount of time looking for the place.


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