Relax, Chill, Happy birthday. #3

Part 3!

My last day of celebration came a little late in the afternoon as I was expecting a late night sleep on Saturday. I was expecting either a crazy beer party or a late night cake festival. Both didn’t happened as I have posted earlier in the previous post. It was more of a sitting in a cafe waiting for my friend to have some time to do some catching up.

What was planned on the final day of celebration?

It was nothing special actually. It was more of a “compensation” to what I have missed if I were in Tokyo, a sports match. If I were to be at Tokyo on the 14th of August, I would have experienced the craziest of Giant’s fans and their baseball madness. So in order to match this experience, I decided to attend our Nation’s basketball team game. Its Singapore Slingers against the Malaysian Dragons at the OCBC Arena.


Honestly, I have no expectations for this game. I don’t know would there be a sold out crowd or would there be highlight reels. Going with no expectations, I came home with a WOW-ed experience. I did see some alley oops from the opponent. I saw close matchups at some point. I saw a moment where a foul should have been given but it wasn’t and one of the player almost went straight up with the referee. A technical call was obviously given to that player for his persistence. I also saw half time games and also kiss cam that turns out to be an awkward stare down for the couple. Let’s not leave out the mascot and also the Slingers girls. The mascot was a little creepy as was a fierce looking Merlion. If they were to make it a little more chubby and cute and most importantly, with a smile, this mascot will be a success. As for the Slingers girls, they are real gorgeous dancers.

The game concluded with a win by the Slingers for the 90% sold out attendance. I don’t mind making my way back for another match as I believe this team is starting to look good behind Kyle Jeffers and also Russell Low. The team also signed a new player recently and I believe they are now able to contend for the ABL title.

That’s how I celebrated my birthday. Nothing special but with more thoughts and fun as we know 2014 has been a bumpy year and only if it could start to be less bumpy. 🙂


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