Music and Songs

I haven’t been posting much so I thought I will post another one today.

Lately, I have been listening to English Pop music over my usual Mandopop. Its been hard on me if I continue to listen to it as the genre never leaves feeling or love alone. The songs written are usually about love and breaking ups or feelings for someone. These songs are good to listen to if you are not in any “breakup” or “rejected” situations as you can learn to sing these songs during karaoke sessions.

I actually started out as a person that doesn’t listen to any music. My only music background was the National Anthem or those primary school sing along songs when I was at the age of 13-14 years old. I started to listen to some Chinese songs when I was 14, when Meteor Garden drama series and F4 craze took over Singapore. During our secondary school days, I believe mandopop was the tagline to get yourself attached like how K-pop are now. Then there was this group of girls that was friends to one of my classmate in my guitar class that came to look for me, not for any trouble or you know what. They just thought that I looked like one of the male artist in another popular male dance group during that period. I actually got many call from them to ask me to join them for an outing. We even had MSN messenger chats late at night. It was the “glorious” days then as I slowly faded away from them and probably from the girls.

When I was 16, I was facing graduation year and also the inevitable O’levels. I didn’t want to end my school days without going into a relationship, so I decided to start listening to song written by Jay Chou. Jay Chou has been very popular since 2001 and it has continue to be true until today. Anyway, about why I started to listen to his song was because I wanted to woo a girl from my class. I can’t say she is good looking. In fact she looks horrible. I have no idea why did I even fallen for her and spent so much time going after her. It was a horrible mistake but I still have the experience of being in a relationship. Since then, 90% of the songs in my playlists are written by Jay and only a minority are mixed with other group artists.

In 2005/6 I actually did listen to some Japanese songs. Actually I did listen to some during my school days, namely theme songs from Slam Dunk and some from games that I played through the years. I didn’t really go deep into a J-pop fanatics as I really can’t make out what they are singing and in my opinions, those songs that I always encountered were rock and heavy metal music. These music can’t been listen in most part of the days like for example at night or even in the morning. Imagine you were taking the train and your music was blasting in your ear. Hell No.

Then came K-pop. K-pop took a steady up trend at the year 2007/2008 when Goong, the korean drama, got released. It was crazily hot and the songs were even hotter. Almost every hour I heard songs dedication from that drama. I actually is the pioneer batch for K-pop. There was this period where I was so crazy for it that I started listening and even went for Kimchi and korean noodles every meal. I even acted as if I am well verse in my Korean when I was communicating with some.

But it kind of die off for me as well. It died fast. I didn’t continue to follow as closely as how some K fanatics did. K-Pop took the peak at 2010 when there were so many of the male and female groups releasing songs over and over. It seems to control the music market then. It continues to stay strong lately and I can see more and more people are traveling to Korea.

Since that break, I have not really given in or listen to a full korean song. But I actually got myself a ticket to a Korean Concert in September. Lol. Let’s see how long will I last.

So lately, my music are mostly English pop and yesterday, I got myself a new album by Pixie Lott. The only song that I know or hear from her was Cry Me Out from her first album and that was it. I didn’t go any deeper so buying the album was a little risky for me as I have no idea if I would like the genre. In fact, I was amazed. English pop is different. The songs are always acceptable. Even though there are slow ballards like Leaving You (My favorite) and also Aint got you, I thought the whole album scored an A for me.

I wondered what language of song will become popular next? Hmmmm


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