Relax, Chill, Happy birthday. #1

For the millionth time, I should be in Tokyo from 13th August to 17th August 2014. Due to the fact that the trip was “veto” I have to settle for last minute contingency plans and suffer the possibilities of getting heart bruised from that someone. I am serious about the trip to Tokyo. I have planned it out and was just a click away from getting the air ticket. I seriously don’t mind traveling alone as I am tired of asking. Its like on one end there was a promise but at the other end the promise was broken with reasons like due to cost or timing. Its even weirder when cost was the problem but when it comes to another group’s request, cost became not a problem at all. Totally astonished, bewildered. Thus, I have given up asking. Doing it alone is better and less burden as there are less expectations and conflicts.

Anyway, this is my birthday week and I have a great time with selected few to spend time with. It should start on Thursday afternoon with a movie at one of the Cathay premiere suite but one of my colleagues was facing some problem so I have to call off the half day. In fact, it saved some cash for me as I don’t think it is necessary for me to go watch a movie in a suite at this point. The actual event started on Friday.

Since staying in Mainland was stressful, I decided to select a location that is quiet, Sentosa and not only that, I select an even quiet location deep inside Sentosa RWS, ESPA.

IMG_0213I went to ESPA for SPA experience. It was a new experience as I have never tried getting massaged before. Since it has been a bumpy ride, doing SPA should relieve some of the unhappiness. In fact it did. I was able to live the past 3 days without much thought of what happened back then.

The experience was really new. Luckily the therapist wasn’t a male and wasn’t a young lady. If it was a male, I am afraid that he is a … and if its a young lady, its total awkwardness. As you know doing spa requires you to undress until you are left with your underwear and it often involves massaging and contacting some positions that is very close to sensitive regions. The experience was really nice especially the head massages and shoulder massages. Anyway, the person I got was a nice middle aged lady who gave me a lot of advice about the muscle aches that I have been suffering.

Shortly after that I was led to a nice room with good view of nature to have a drink. I didn’t stay there as I had plans but in the future, I would definitely stay there for a night as there are a lot of facilities to try out.

The next stop I went to was the Aquarium.

It wasn’t as wonderful as they advertised. It was huge but the fishes were swimming around quickly and the variety was very similar with each display. I wasn’t impressed especially when tourists clogged right in front of the display and blocked the view for everyone.

There was one huge display where I saw and was mesmerized by the view. I took the picture and caption it, this is how to view an aquarium.

IMG_0273I didn’t spend much time there as there weren’t any show to stay for and the park was getting crowded so I left early.

I head straight to Chinatown to meet my NS buddies for some Korean BBQ. This shop was opened by a Korean couple and the name of the shop was Running Man. I know its funny to have a shop named after the show but its still worth the shot anyway. There weren’t much customers mostly Korean. The owners didn’t allow us to cook the meat and insisted on doing it themselves. There weren’t much freedom and it make it look as if the dishes were supposed to be not cooked by ourselves.


But the food was nice as compared to the other that they brought me to. Korean food ain’t cheap so if you want to give it a try remember to bring more cash.

Will continue the remaining 2 days in another time.


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