Lightning returns

I must say Final Fantasy has been part of my life since Secondary school days. I started out with 9 then I went on to 8, then 7. I even wanted to go to 1 – 6 but it was too pokemon kind so I didn’t go any earlier than 7. Then came 10 on PS2, 11 was online then we had the 12 and finally 13.

There were 3 different parts for 13, FF13, FF13-2 and Lightning returns. I have played them all and I think FF13 and lightning returns were good. I don’t know for most but in my opinion game trend tend to shift as more and more action RPG came into play. Developer can’t never win the hearts of gamer if they were to stay on with the traditional playing style and with the quicker life pace in this century, I doubt you have the patience or even the time to grind 6-7 characters to level 99 or even to level 70 to go against the final boss or the game’s most incredible enemy battle. To me, FF13 series was quite good for this age. I am not going to compare it with other FF series as its a total unfair comparison, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I can only suggest to you that you can give the game a try. Its more strategy based gaming for Lightning returns. You have to be extremely cautious with the time available and you have to plan your quest in a way that it will maximize the use of the time. In my first playthrough I actually make use of the guide book to assist me. I was worried that if I weren’t able to complete enough quests I will not be able to defeat the final boss which is extremely technical. I was glad that I made full use of it as I was granted the 14th day and I had the chance to challenge the Trial tomb and killed all but 1 in that level. The final creature had a crazy hit point of 7.5million. So I have no idea on how to defeat it so I gave up on it and when on to fight the final boss which requires me to go through 4 stages with the last stage testing your stagger ability.

Lightning returns truly isn’t a traditional grind to level up your character game. Your stats are attributed through quests and also items that were dropped by monsters you met along the way. I took exactly 57 hours to complete the game excluding defeating monsters with crazy hit points.

The storyline was pretty good in a sense that you know why you are doing this and that. Its just unfortunate that I have no idea what happen in the final scene.

So Lightning returns or rather FF13 series is something that FF fans should not miss. But if you don’t want to give it a try, I can only say is … Lol


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