Happy 49th

Its the Nation’s 49th birthday and I am so happy to be part of it.

I actually wanted to make some effort to study the good locations to take images of the fireworks over the last few NE previews. Unfortunately, fatigue and time weren’t on my side so I have to base on what I have experienced last year and make some estimated judgment.

If only I could stand in front of the guy that uses the selfie stick, the whole image will be awesome. I have took videos of it but I can’t upload it here as it doesn’t support. You can view it on my facebook or instagram if you haven’t follow either one do let me know so that I can share it with you. Anyway, I took a good snap of the firework.

IMG_0032It will be a great image without the phone isn’t it? Sigh.. I can’t make any more shifting as that is the best spot to capture everything or else I can’t get the landscape. That “idiot” photographer or film maker actually took only the fireworks without any landscape. How will it be nice? -.-

Anyway, after that I went around and stayed for another Encore round of fireworks and it was a good view but it wasn’t as spectacular as it was during the show. Can’t ask for more still if you are there LIVE, listening to the fireworks projecting up the sky is really the best feeling. My videos did capture some of it if you listen to it carefully.

After that I took a night view of MBS and ASM with the Red and White theme that represents our nation’s flag. I wasn’t sure when will it come back to the floating platform but I can say it will be a long time before it comes back. This will be a rare sight from now until the future.


I seriously hope that they will arrange the 50th at the new stadium if not it will be so… you know the stadium can size up to 55,000 spectators. More citizens can take part and it will be really grand for a 50th celebration.


Anyway, Happy birthday Singapore.


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