One day after the National day. It was a sunday which is today. I have no idea what to do. I know all my friends weren’t interested to meet up as usual, so I have to find something to do.

Basically, everything was planned before today. The first thing will be to start at the Art Science Museum for a guided tour for Annie Leibovitz gallery. I am seriously tempted to take some of the pictures or even the outlines of the art exhibit but I refrained from doing it. Since no one actually broke the rules why should I be the one to start it. By the way, if you think that I spent some dollars on this exhibit, you are actually wrong, it was free because of the nation’s birthday! 🙂

After that I went shopping in the city area and had ramen for lunch.

I had the ramen from Keisuke which can be found at level 2 of Suntec City. This is a very Japanese restaurant as the manager and the cook are all Japanese. I was kind of surprise when I heard them using Japanese to communicate among each other.

I always tried the same kind of ramen which is Miso Ramen. This soup base is less oily than the other one that I tried somewhere of the same store name. The presentation was simple. For S$12.90 to have this bowl I think its a fair price. Don’t miss.

IMG_0197Then it was early, so I traveled down to Taka for GODIVA ICE CREAM. The Ice cream was heavenly great but it was also costly. S$8 which isnt typical for a scoop of ice cream but the texture and the taste was awesomely indescribable.



I have another off day before I head back to work and I am already missing her even though I have said that I will not think of her anymore. Lol


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